Virtual Family Office

Family offices were once the realm only of the ultra-wealthy. Today, thanks to advances in technology, along with the ability to deliver more sophisticated wealth management solutions to a wider range of individuals and families, the family office concept is gaining new traction in the form of virtual family offices.

Our Virtual Family Office (VFO) service takes the ultra high net worth experience to your level. This service is customized to fit your needs and to address what is most important to you. By bringing together who we consider the best of the best in areas like accounting, legal, tax planning and more, our firm is able to help design your wealth to support the quality of life you desire. 

This service offers wealth management, tax planning, estate planning, and asset protection planning from our team at M Financial Planning Services. It also includes access to a network of professionals that include the following: trust and estate lawyers, tax specialists, real estate experts, M&A experts, lending specialists, executive concierge services and private medical professionals. 

See the chart below to understand the scope of our Virtual Family Office service. Contact us for more information.